A Barista's Guide : Drip Bags

Sep 04, 2021forest cloud company
A Barista's Guide : Drip Bags - Forest Cloud

Our specialty coffee drip bags, freshly ground to order, are designed for those who are constantly in need of that caffeine jolt, wherever they go and whenever they want it.
Here's a step-by-step guide to brewing our coffee drip bags. Many people still can't believe how convenient it is!

A Barista’s Guide: Drip Bags
You’ll need:
- Drip pot
- Drip Bag
- Cup
- 150ml hot water

1.Tear along the dotted line of the drip bag
2.Pull the flaps and place it on your favourite mug
3.Steadily pour in hot water to the brim of drip bag
4.Repeat the step for 3 times
5.Remove the drip bag from the cup and enjoy


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