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Aspired to serve and improve the quality of specialty coffee, we offer roasted coffee of the highest quality to home brewers as well as coffee wholesale. All our coffee beans are roasted on the FROCO FR15-I, a machine that gives us a ton of information like the ability to track temperatures of the beans, drum, and airflow just to name a few. This means we obtain and are able to monitor with a lot of information to ensure we can roast coffee with a high level of consistency.

Coffee geeks and caffeine seekers, we’ve got your daily coffee needs sorted! Be it espresso blend coffee or single origin coffee drip bag, feel free to choose from our wide range of specialty coffee that comprises Indonesia coffee beans, Brazil coffee beans, Colombia coffee beans, Ethiopia coffee beans and Kenya coffee beans. A point worth noting, every single coffee drip bag is hand packed according to your order, ensuring only the best coffee ever gets to you.

From filter coffee to espresso blend, our specialty coffee is roasted on different profiles that tailor to your personal or business needs. Our roast profile includes medium, medium dark and dark. If you’re unsure which origin of coffee to choose from, here’s a general guide that you might find helpful :

Indonesian Coffee Beans— tend to have earthy flavours, medium to high body with notes of roasted nuts, herbs and spice

Brazil Coffee Beans — usually roasted dark and used in espresso blends, low acidity with notes of dark chocolate, roasted malt commonly found

Colombia Coffee Beans — they produce a mild and well-balanced cup of coffee with a medium, silky body, tropical notes, and fruity, spicy aroma

Ethiopia Coffee Beans — best recognised for their complexity with a fruity, floral quality and a distinctive acidity

Kenya Coffee Beans— known for its consistently rich flavour with complex notes of berry, wine-like acidity and floral hints

For coffee wholesale enquiry, please send in an email to or WhatsApp us at +6016-448 9025. Alternatively, feel free to drop by our Experience Store at 132, Jalan Penang, Georgetown to find out more of our latest offering.

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