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As the trend of various specialty beverages are on the rise, it is essential for cafes to up the ante.  Being the beverage expert in the city, we strive for collaborations with cafe-owners to welcome a new age of the finest specialty drinks. At Forest Cloud, we bear the secrets of brewing the best coffees and teas, even curating creative concoctions, so we spilled the beans. Since 2014, we have imparted knowledge, supplied the best raw materials and the best machines to more than 200 cafes in the city. 

Why partner with us? 

As simple as it sounds, making a good cuppa isn’t just pouring water into grinds, it requires complex techniques and the finest ingredients. With that, we’ve discovered our potential to do something more, to establish relationships with like-minded individuals and cafe founders. A collaboration with Forest Cloud means we’ve got you covered, from in-house roasted beans, training programs, to machines and servicing. 

  • Excellent Quality Raw Materials
  • With an obsession for quality, we don’t leave room for less than perfect ingredients. Sourced from esteemed regions while staying true to origin, we supply an array of raw materials like coffee beans, cocoa, Matcha, and Hojicha. Making sure that your specialty beverage needs are always met. 

  • Professional Support Team
  • Maintaining or starting a cafe isn’t easy, we get that. In a close-knit cafe community, we need to look out for one another. At Forest Cloud, our Support Team is just a call away. We assist in menu creations to coffee machine servicing. Not to mention, we have classes to keep you up to date on the latest information and contemporary industry challenges.

  • State of The Art Equipment
  • Forging strong relationships with the manufacturers, we were bestowed as the direct distributor of Faema, the world renowned brand for coffee machines. As well as the exclusive distributor of Slingshot, the modern coffee grinder brand from Australia. So, rest easy knowing your coffee is made with state of the art machines.


  • A Knack for Cafe Design
  • With the help of our talented Creative Partner from Foci Collective, honing their skills in branding, interior design and marketing services, your up-and-coming cafe will flourish beyond your expectations.  


    * Coffee Roastery Setup 
    Looking to take your coffee craft to a whole new level? As the esteemed partner of Froco Coffee Roaster, we’re always at the ready to assist on your coffee roastery setup.  




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