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May 05, 2020 1 min read

Alan Adler, the president of Aerobie in 2005, invented the Aeropress. It started when Alan wanted to make a simple easy to brew single cup coffee maker. Up to date, Aeropress has become one of the easiest ways to brew coffee. The Aeropress uses immersion pressured-drip with paper/metal filter to give a clean finish and smooth cup of coffee.

What you need


Step 1:
Rinse the filter

Place the paper filter in the cap and run hot water through it.

Step 2:
Measure and grind

Measure 18 grams of coffee and grind it. Place the coffee ground in the inverted Aeropress.

Step 3:

Pour 30 grams of water in the Aeropress. Stir it so there are no dry spots and wait 30 seconds

Step 4:
Add the remaining water

Pour an additional of 170 grams within 30 seconds. Once done, stir it and place the lid with the filter.

Step 5:

After 30 seconds, invert the Aeropress into a canister (make sure it's sturdy because you're gonna put pressure on it) and press down for 30 seconds. Stop pressing when a hissing sound can be heard.

Step 6:
Remove the puck

Remove the cap and push the coffee out.

Step 7:
Pour and Enjoy

Pour the coffee into a cup and enjoy.

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