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Matcha, Chinese Tea & Cocoa

Having built a forte in specialty coffee, we carry the same spirit to bring you the best specialty tea Japan has to offer. That being said, Forest Cloud Beverage Company offers an impeccable range of specialty tea which includes ceremonial Matcha Tea Powder, Hojicha Tea Powder and Genmaicha Tea Powder, ideal for making a casual cuppa or crafting palatable desserts. Be it matcha wholesale, Hojicha wholesale or for personal consumption, our professional Product Expert is always on the ready to explain the magnificent benefits of these hot-selling specialty teas from Japan. 

Over the years, we’ve built a tight-knit relationship with our farm partners in Japan. Hence, all our matcha powder, Hojicha powder and genmaicha powder are sourced directly from farms in Kyoto. In the process of producing top-notch matcha powder and Hojicha powder, hardworking farmers nurture the tea leaves for a long period of time before harvesting and processing them. To ensure an incredibly smooth texture in the final cup, our matcha tea powder and Hojicha tea powder are ground on a traditional stone-mill and sealed in airtight vessels before flying all the way from Japan to our factory in Malaysia.

Dubbed as a superfood in many countries, you must be wondering why there is a constant buzz surrounding matcha powder and Hojicha powder in recent years. The reasons are obvious : 

  1. Matcha is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins.
  2. Rich in Vitamin B that helps your skin glow
  3. Provides higher energy levels when compared to other teas
  4. Does not make you as jittery as having coffee
  5. Boost your productivity, thanks to a special combination of L-theanine, a major potentially energy-boosting polyphenol and caffeine.
  6. Promotes healthier cholesterol levels
  7. Powerful antioxidant that potentially prevents cancer growth
  8. Strengthen your bones

Interested in purchasing our matcha wholesale or Hojicha wholesale? We’re always ready to help, kindly send in an email to or WhatsApp us at +6016-448 9025 for more info. wAlternatively, feel free to drop by our Experience Store at 132, Jalan Penang, Georgetown to find out more of our latest offering.

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