A Barista's Guide: Hot "Cha" Latte

Sep 04, 2021forest cloud company
How to: Hot Matcha - Forest Cloud

Sourced directly from Kyoto prefecture, our Matcha, Hojicha and Genmaicha are ideal for a cup of warm latte, dessert and also pastries use. Here's a standard step-to-step guide to brew our Chas (Matcha, Hojicha, Genmaicha).

A Barista’s Guide: Hot “Cha” Latte
You’ll Need:
-“Cha” Powder
-Hot Milk
-80°c Hot Water
-Brown Sugar 

1.Place 4g of “Cha” powder and 7g of brown sugar into your favourite mug 
2.Pour in just enough hot water to whisk 
3.Whisk the mixture  in zigzag motion to create a foamy texture
4.Swirl before pouring estimated 200ml hot milk into the mixture

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Sep 04, 20210 commentsforest cloud company