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September 03, 2021 1 min read

Ever wondered how we make our Iced "Cha" Latte at the Experience Store?

Here’s our standard step-to-step Barista Guide on how you can make your own Forest Cloud "Cha" Latte at the comfort of your home. 

*This recipe can be applied to our Matcha, Hojicha & Genmaicha, subject to personal preference of thickness and sweetness. Take your time to make a cup that suits you the most. Enjoy!

A Barista’s Guide: Iced “Cha” Latte
You’ll Need:
-”Cha” Powder
-Cold Milk
-80°c Hot Water
-Brown Sugar 

1.Place 7g of “Cha” powder and 12g of brown sugar into your favourite mug. 
2.Pour in just enough hot water to whisk. 
3.Whisk the mixture until smooth.
4.Pour 150ml of cold milk into your favourite glass.
5.Pour in whisked “Cha” mixture into the milk and stir before serving.

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