Mexico Alejandro Martínez

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Coffee made its Mexican debut with Spanish settlers in the 18th century. Post-independence, coffee cultivation gradually spread in the southern states amid border disputes and indigenous displacement. The Mexican Revolution led to Agrarian Reforms and the establishment of the National Coffee Institute of Mexico (INMECAFE). The institute's dismantling in 1989, following the International Coffee Crisis, led to challenges for producers. Cooperatives emerged, offering crucial support and international market access. Veracruz, nestled by the Gulf of Mexico, emerged as a coffee haven. The Martinez family, spanning five generations, tends to their Veracruz farms. Alejandro and Juan José Martínez Anaya, the current custodians, drive innovation with resilient coffee varietals and ecological diversity. Their H16 varietal, a high-yield hybrid, undergoes meticulous processing. The family prioritizes sustainability, planting native species and using agroforestry techniques. Cherries are handpicked, sorted, and processed with precision. The Martinez family's dedication to quality and environmental harmony sustains both exceptional coffee and livelihoods.