ARCO Coffee Grinder Goat Story

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Combining the luxury of electrical and the freedom of a hand grinder.

ARCO is a 2-in-1 high precision coffee grinder that can be used as an electric grinder or as a hand grinder.

Bridging the gap between the luxury of electric grinders and the freedom and superb grind quality of hand grinders.

ARCO is a single dose grinder with a smooth grind setting mechanism and nearly zero retention will change the way you grind. Forever.

Freshly ground coffee is the base for every great cup. But have you ever wondered how we actually grind coffee? Are you cranking your hand grinder to get superb grind quality or are you taking it easy with an electric grinder? ARCO is available as a precision high quality hand grinder only with a revolutionary grind setting ring to fine-tune your grind, no matter how you brew your coffee.

Improve your coffee rituals
- Superb grind quality for a sweeter, crisper and clearer flavor of your coffee.

- Easy grind setting with the revolutionary grind setting ring.

- Single dose grinder that holds up to 50g of coffee at once.

- Electric and hand grinder – a 2-in-1 solution that won’t kill your budget!