Matcha Brewing Class (2 Hours)

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Curious about Matcha? This class is designed for enthusiasts eager to delve into the art and tradition of Matcha.

What you'll learn:
The History of Matcha: Explore its origins and cultural significance in Japan.
Journey from Leaf to Cup: Discover the process from cultivation to powder (Harvesting, Processing, Grinding).
Fundamentals of Matcha Brewing: Learn the techniques for making the perfect bowl of Matcha.
Introduction to Different Grades of Matcha: Understand the varieties and their best uses.
Tasting and Appreciation: Develop your palate by tasting various grades of Matcha, along with an introduction to Hojicha and Genmaicha, enhancing your understanding of Japanese teas.

Join us to unlock the secrets of this revered green tea and broaden your tea brewing and tasting skills!