Coffee Beans Price Change March 2022

Mar 08, 2022forest cloud company
Coffee Beans Price Change March 2022 - Forest Cloud

Affected by a global coffee shortage, we’re here to announce that the price of our House Blends (Bluemoon, Lunarfall, Espresso Blend) and Colombian coffee will be revised from 14th March 2022 onwards. 

New Price (14/3/22 onwards)

Beans  100g 250g 500g 1kg
Bluemoon RM27 RM49 RM79 RM120
Lunarfall RM27 RM49 RM79 RM120
Espresso Blend RM27 RM49 RM79 RM120

Colombia Huila & Medeliin

RM49 RM79 RM120

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 Item 10pcs 30pcs
Coffee Drip Bag RM38 RM98

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 Item 100g 250g
Houseblend Coffee Collection RM75 RM165

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 Oatly Bundle RM75

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What caused the shortage and price surge?

1) Major frost in Brazil destroyed portions of the crop in Brazil, the world's largest producer of the popular commodity
2) A shortage of shipping containers worldwide
3) Anti-government protests that slowed exports
4) Covid-induced labour shortage

For more info regarding the reason behind the price change, you may find out from the materials below : 


We hope for your understanding and thank you for your continuous support.

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