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March 03, 2020 2 min read

The alley is a cafe that was built as a people's space based on the foundation of being different while producing good-tasting items.

Founded by 3 individuals, Loo Ping, Loo Yi, and Tommy who all never had any background in the food & beverage industry. The cafe has been running for 6 years. Back when they opened in November 2013 was a time when there wasn't a lot of places that serve specialty coffee.

The Alley stems from the culmination of Loo Ping's experiences working at The Roast Thing, Tommy's experiences of the cafe scene in Taipei, and Loo Yi's experiences of cafes in Penang. A little fun fact, the churros were inspired by Tommy's time in Taipei. When coming up with a name for the cafe, they decided they didn't want it to relate to coffee, so since there's an alley in the space, they decided to go with The Alley.

In keeping with their foundation of the cafe being a people's space, they see the cafe as an outlet for creatives to express themselves. This carries through with everything that they do like hosting a party DJ-ed by Joe, who runs the cafe, and giving free rein to the baker, Alice, to try out different treats.

They recently begin dipping their toes in merchandise after people started confusing them with the other Alley that sells boba tea. The merchandise pays homage to the previous tenant of the space that used to sell praying incense.

As for the future, they are looking to build on the same philosophy that they started with, finding like-minded personalities and providing a platform for them to perform.

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