MX.COOL Aries Electric Coffee Grinder

RM7,150.00 MYR
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A better option for domestic coffee grinder, with quick-release mechanism that allows for easy cleaning without any hassle.

  • 3-second quick-disassembly burr design allows for easy cleaning
  • 83mm Titanium coating conical burr
  • 5 adjustable grinding speed ( 90 ~ 150 RPM )
  • Stepless-feeling grind size dial
  • Auto-off detection
  • Knocker attached to the burr base enables users to knock off retention
  • Dosing cup is designed to directly attach to 58mm portafilter
  • Single – dose grinding
  • Compatible with various methods of brewing,
    including French press, Pour-over, Moka pot, Espresso
  • Bean hopper is equipped with a rotating lever to prevent any blockage
  • Designed and made in Taiwan
  • Streamlined body, stylish and unique