A Barista's Guide: Iced Chocolate

Sep 03, 2021forest cloud company
How to: Ice Chocolate - Forest Cloud

A Barista's Guide : Iced Chocolate

Crafted from single origin Amelonado Cacao that are organically grown on the volcanic soil of Tawau, Sabah, Forest Cloud Dark Cocoa Powder is made from natural ingredients to retain the rich flavours of the cocoa itself.

Here's a step-to-step guide from our Barista on how to make a delicate cup of Iced Chocolate. Take your time, enjoy the drink and more importantly, the process.

You’ll Need:
-Cocoa Powder
-Cold Milk
-80°c Hot Water

1.Measure 30g of cocoa powder and pour 40g hot water into a small bowl
2.Whisk the mixture until smooth
3.Pour 150ml of cold milk into the mixture
4.Stir gently and enjoy


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Sep 03, 20210 commentsforest cloud company
Sep 03, 20210 commentsforest cloud company