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Eureka Atom Specialty 65 is an intuitive espresso grinder that has stepless micrometric adjustment to give it infinite grind settings and the ability to grind single, double, or manual espresso doses. Eureka Atom Specialty 65 also one of the quietest espresso grinders out there with its sleek sound-insulated casing.

Specifications :
Dimensions (mm) : 205 (W) x 227 (D) x 540 (H)
Weight (kg) : 9.5kg
Burr Type : Flat
Burr Diameter: 65mm
Burr Material: Hardened steel
Burr Revs : 1310 rpm
Hopper Capacity : 1.2kg
Productivity : 2.7 - 3.7 g/s
Power (w) : 510w at 220-240 volt

Features :
- Stepless Mircrometric Regulation System

- Silent Technology : Reducing the grinding noise by 15/20 dB compared to conventional grinders

- Espresso & Brew : Special Burrs design makes ATOM a suitable grinder for both Espresso and Filter

- High Speed Grind Dispersion : Special engine burrs which optimizes the dispensing speed while preserving the proper temperature of coffee powder

- ACE System : Conceived to prevent the presence of clumps and eliminate the electrostatic charge of ground coffee

- All-purpose fork for “Hands-Free” operations : Suited to any kind of portafilter due to the special geometry and the adjustable support

- 5 button Barista Special electronics with “ START & STOP” function and “EXTRA DOSE” mode

- Compact Dimension Conceived to optimize the barista space

- Thick Die-Cast Aluminium Body Casing

Machine Warranty - 1 year (manufacturer parts only)
General Service - 3 times (within one and half year)



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