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EUREKA ATOM 60 Coffee Grinder

Eureka Atom 60 Coffee Grinder is as the name suggests, a grinder with a Flat burr size of 60mm. With state of the art technology on a quality built robust grinder.

Specifications :
Dimensions (mm) : 180 (W) x 227 (D) x 440 (H)
Weight (kg) : 7.8kg
Burr Type : Flat
Burr Diameter : 60mm
Burr Material : Hardened steel
Burr Revs : 1350 rpm
Hopper Capacity : 510g
Productivity : 1.9 - 2.5 g/s (ESPRESSO) & 3.1 - 3.7 g/s (FILTER)
Power (w) : 450w at 220-240 volts

Features :
- Stepless Mircrometric Regulation System

- Silent Technology : Reducing the grinding noise by 15/20 dB compared to conventional grinders

- Espresso & Brew : Special Burrs design makes ATOM a suitable grinder for both Espresso and Filter

- High Speed Grind Dispersion : Special engine burrs which optimizes the dispensing speed while preserving the proper temperature of coffee powder

- ACE System : Conceived to prevent the presence of clumps and eliminate the electrostatic charge of ground coffee

- All-purpose fork for “Hands-Free” operations : Suited to any kind of portafilter due to the special geometry and the adjustable support

- 5 button Barista Special electronics with “ START & STOP” function and “EXTRA DOSE” mode

- Compact Dimension Conceived to optimize the barista space

- Thick Die-Cast Aluminium Body Casing

Machine Warranty - 1 year (manufacturer parts only)
General Service - 3 times (within one and half year)



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