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Decent Espresso

Decent Espresso Digital Milk Thermometer

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Decent Espresso Digital Milk Thermometer

Feature :

- Presets for less-warm, normal, and extra-hot (60ºC, 65ºC, 70ºC)

- Can switch between the most common temperatures

- Able set the desired milk temperature in 1ºC (or 1ºF) increments

- It beeps when you reach or exceed the temperature

- Beeping stops when you pour the milk out, so you can leave the digital thermometer on and not have to fuss with it as you make on drink after another

- The beep sound is loud enough to be audible over the steam wand noise (it's high pitched) but not so loud as to be annoying (we've muffled it slightly)

- A silicone sleeve offers good water resistance and easy cleanup from splashed milk

- The clip shape was made to hold the display slightly off the top of the milk jug, with the tip of thermometer probe in the center

- The thermometer face is not in the way of your view of the frothing milk surface, nor is it in the way of the steam wand

- Uses two LR44 batteries for an estimated life 200 hours of continuous use

- Available two versions: Celsius or Fahrenheit

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