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Forest Cloud

Best Of Japan Bundle

Miyama Matcha Forest Cloud's Ceremonial Matcha that truly lives up to its name, where a sip will transport you to the height of lush verdant mountains of Japan. Harvested from the single-estate Yabukita, the strict application of the shading process has produced this ceremonial grade Matcha. Its bright green sheen dictates the matcha’s quality as the natural sweetness comes through in a symphony of umami and bitterness.

Included in this "Best of Japan" Bundle are a Matcha Bowl, a Chasen, bamboo spoon and a whisk holder, presenting you an unrivalled experience when brewing from the comfort of your home. Do note that no two are the same for the Matcha Bowl as it is entirely handcrafted by local artisans. 

• Miyama Matcha - Ceremonial Grade 100g

• Handcrafted Matcha Bowl 

• Chasen (Bamboo Whisk)

• Bamboo Spoon

* While stocks last.

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