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Nicaragua Los Altiplanos de Datanli

Coffee was first introduced into Nicaragua during the mid-1800s, and since then has grown to become a fundamental aspect of the country’s economy, with coffee becoming the current primary export for Nicaragua.

Up the highlands of Jinotega, Nicaragua lies the Natural Reserve of Cerro Datanli-El Diablo, which houses Finca Los Altiplanos. A family-owned coffee operation that is spearheaded byRicardo Cuadra Fajardo, whose family has been involved with coffee for more than 100 years. 

In 2022, he was awarded a Cup of Excellence, making them the Nicaragua 2022 National Winner.

Coffee grown at Finca Los Altiplanos is processed using the Natural method. The harvested coffee cherries are washed right after picking using the water from the nearby Jugüina River and put on the elevated bed to dry in the sun. Once dried, the coffee is hulled to separate the dried pulp and the beans, which then go into an optical sorting machine, ensuring that only the highest quality beans get to the customer.

A fruit-bomb of a coffee that brings a comforting balance of acidity with a mellow finish.


We believe coffee are best enjoyed at its peak flavours

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