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Kenya Gichathaini AA

Situated between Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Range, just south of the equator lies the region of Nyeri. One of Kenya's most fertile lands, Nyeri receives sufficient rainfall and plenty of nutrient-rich red volcanic soil making it a perfect terroir for growing coffee. 

Owned and operated by the Gikanda Farmers Cooperative Society, the Gichathaini Station is one of three washing and milling centre working with smallholder producers. Comes harvest time, every producer will meticulously handpick the coffee cherries, making sure to pick only the ripe cherries. Afterwards, the cherries are transported to the mill on the same day. Using the freshwater from the Ragati River, the coffee cherries go through a full wash processing which is a triple ferment process that takes up to 72 hours. The coffee beans are then put on a drying bed to dry in the sun.

This particular coffee has a “AA” grading, which is used to indicate the size of the beans. The ‘AA’ indicates that it is the largest size of beans in Kenyan coffee.

Our Kenya Gichathaini brings a juiciness of persimmon and winter melon with the refreshing brightness of green grapes.


We believe coffee are best enjoyed at its peak flavours

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