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Costa Rica Las Nacientes Honey Process

Café Rivense del Chirripó is a family micromill founded by Régulo Ureña and Isabel Rojas in 2005, located in the Brunca region of Costa Rica. The farm is managed with a sustainable system, focused on reducing carbon footprint in the environment with proper shade management to provide organic material to soil and keep coffee trees fresh.

The name La Naciente (water source in Spanish) comes from a spring next to the coffee plantation, it provides water to all the farms Ureña Rojas Family own.

The coffee is picked when the cherries are ripest, put to dry in raised beds to keep pulp and mucilage full and clean, dried 100% by the sun on raised beds, milled, classified, and packaged in the farm with high-quality standards.

We believe coffee are best enjoyed at its peak flavours

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