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La Carimali BUBBLE

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Bubble: Design for flavour

Bubble is the most appreciated Carimali traditional machine not only by the market but also by the social world. It is easy to admire this fancy model in some locations in Asian Cafes, bistros, or elegant coffee shops in Europe.

The machine is easily recognizable thanks to its round-shaped sides and groups that make it unique, versatile, and with an attractive design, perfectly matched with any environment. Medium-sized coffee shops, restaurants, and kiosks are just some examples of the natural location of Bubble.

Available with 1, 2, and 3 groups, high and low, and with an automatic dosage, Bubble boasts excellent performances at a very competitive price. In addition, it is effortless to use, adjust and maintain.

Bubble is equipped with a wide stainless steel cup holder to always have cups at hand. Available as option the cup warmer, for 2 and 3 groups models, and the cool touch steam wand that allows the barista to work safely. The machine comes in 2 colours, white and black, always perfect for any location.


Digital temperature control

Digital temperature setting makes it easy to adjust and control

Electronic pre-infusion

Easily adjust water quantity and pre-infusion time

Electronic washing cycle

Easy to clean and maintain

Water mixing valve

Two pre-set doses for water at desired temperature (optional)


Easy maintenance and stability thanks to heat exchanger with thermo-syphonic circulation

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