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September 30, 2019 1 min read

Coffee is a beverage consume by millions around the world, an ingredient with wide variety of flavours, from fruitiness to floral and chocolate notes, among many others. Coffee goes through a long journey before it becomes the black liquid that people drink. 



Turns out coffee is actually a seed of the Coffea tree, so coffee’s journey begins at the farms where coffee is cultivated and harvested. The coffee then is process for flavour development either using a washed or natural process before it is dried and shipped to the roaster.



The next part of the journey is roasting, where the roaster will turn the coffee into what we visually know coffee to be, this brown (sometimes black) coffee beans. During the roasting process, heat is applied to the coffee transforming the chemical and physical properties of the coffee.



Once the coffee is roasted, it’s ready to be turn into the black liquid that we all know and love by mixing it with water. Throughout the world, there is a wide variety of how coffee is prepare, like Espresso from Italy, to drip coffee in Japan, and not to forget our very own Kopi-O.