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May 05, 2020 1 min read

A versatile brewer that gives the user complete control over the extraction. Crafted by Hario, the V60 name comes from the 60-degree angle of the brewer. One can expect a light to medium body with delicate and complex notes from it.

What you need :
Step 1:
Placing and rinsing the filter

Place the V60 on top of a canister. Fold the side of the paper filter and place it in the V60.  


Step 2:
Preheat and rinsing

Pour hot water through the V60 to rinse the paper filter and preheat the V60 and the canister. Discard the water.


Step 3:
Measure and grind

Measure out 16 grams of coffee and grind. Place the coffee ground into the V60.


Step 4:

Using a gooseneck kettle, pour 30 grams of water starting in the middle and move outward in a clockwise motion. Make sure there is no dry spot and wait 30 seconds.


Step 5:
Add the remaining water

After the 30 seconds has passed, pour another 210 grams of water continuously starting from the middle and move outwards in a clockwise movement.


Step 6:
Serve and enjoy =)

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